Top destination wedding trends of 2018

Top destination wedding trends of 2018

If you are planning a long-distance destination wedding, take a look at these recent trends for the occasion.

Published January 24, 2017

Living Room Furniture

Modern couples are opting for stately furniture pieces at the ceremony and reception. Imagine modern couches and armors on a beachside bluff! Even though it may be difficult to find a furniture rental company at your destination, if you work with the resort’s on-site wedding specialist, this should not be a problem. 

Message in a Bottle Invites

 Give your wedding that the rustic Caribbean feel by sending your guests their wedding invites in a bottle. There are many companies that specialize in these invites, which will do everything from printing the invite to corking and sending off your invites. Inquire today!

Edible Cupcake Toppers

This is guaranteed to add a nice, personalized touch to your wedding day! Brides can easily tuck these edible works of art in their suitcase and transport them. 

Signature Cocktails

Ask your local bartender to create your very own signature drink! Write a list of some of your favorite flavors and textures and let the bartenders work their magic. After, come-up with a clever name. Guests will surely be impressed! 

Seashell Ring Bearer Ring Holder

Add an authentic Caribbean feel to your wedding by giving your little ring bearer a beach-appropriate seashell to cradle the rings as he walks down the aisle. Available in a wide selection of colors and shapes, this is a perfect accessory that is in keeping with your beach-themed wedding. 

A Memorable Send-off

Forget the days of confetti and rice-throwing. As long as it is permitted, sparklers and fireworks make for a finale with pizzazz. 

The Wedding’s Over, Now What? 

Now that you’ve had your perfect wedding, what should everyone do in the days following your big day? Speak to your wedding coordinator or the hotel’s concierge, to find some fun local activities and tours in and around the resort. Create information packets for guests so they can find something to do that suits their interests. 


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