Destination Weddings in Jamaica

Destination Weddings in Jamaica

Published May 9, 2018

Jamaica Weddings

Marriage Requirements

To get married in Jamaica, you will need valid passports, birth certificates and a marriage application for a legal marriage. Divorce and death decrees are needed if applicable. Destination Weddings in Jamaica can be quite simple if you get assistance from an agency such as Now Destination Weddings. One of the best Jamaica Wedding Planners in the World! 

Travel Information

To travel to Jamaica you will need your valid passports. Make sure to advise your country's travel information website for more information and possibly other travel documents. The official language of Jamaica is English, however, Patois from the locals. Patois is a mixture of English with a West African influence. The official currency of Jamaica is the Jamaican dollar, however, USD is accepted across the island. 

Jamaica Highlights

The climate in Jamaica is tropical meaning it is hot year round. The difference between the winter and summer is only a few degrees. St. Lucia has beautiful beaches! From Montego Bay to Negril to Ocho Rios and more, there are beautiful beaches surrounding the island. Jamaica has some awesome golf courses for those looking for a tee time as well as a lively nightlife. Snorkeling and scuba are popular because of the crystal clear waters. Remember you are on island time, make sure to relax when you are in Jamaica. 

As for wedding venues, Jamaica has so many to choose from! There are plenty of options in all areas of Jamaica with wedding planners on standby waiting to assist! Contact a NOW agent for more details! 

See some of Jamaica's amazing wedding venues! 

Jerk Chicken 

One main attraction in Jamacia is the amazing Caribbean cuisine, especially the famous Jerk. Jerk cuisine, and specifically Jerk Chicken, is a Jamaica staple! There are options all around the island that serves the famous dish. Jerk Chicken is usually chicken thighs, either booked on the barbeque or on the stove. What makes the legendary jerk chicken is the jerk spice that the chicken is marinated in and cooked with. Have no more fear, we are gonna give you the lay down on the best places to find jerk chicken across the island. 

One of the most famous, Scotchie's, located in Montego Bay, just as you get off the plane is one of the best places to find jerk chicken on the island. Scotchie's, due to its popularity has also opened another location in Ocho Rios.  If you are staying in Negril, the best location around you is 3 Dives Restaurant. If you are traveling to the heart of Jamaica, the capital, Kingston, you must go to the Sweetwood Jerk Joint to try their jerk. 

Things to do in Jamaica

There is so much to do in Jamaica. One of the most popular excursions being ATV rides. There are so many empty spaces filled with trees, or sand, or mud that makes ATV rides increasingly popular. This is a sense of adventure, without so much physical activity. There are a ton of zip line courses in Jamacia, with the majority located in Montego Bay. This is another adventure excursion for the whole family. Like most Caribbean islands, there are waterparks for families with younger children as well as multigenerational travel. The Kool Runnings Waterpark located in Negril is one of the most popular on the island. Jamaica prides themselves in having activities and excursions that accommodate to everyone! 

One hidden gem, not known to a lot of travelers is Rick's Cafe. Located in Negril along the seven-mile beach, the open bar and restaurant are propped up on one of the naturally formed cliffs is a great sunset view. The sunsets and photographs are simply breathtaking. What makes Rick's Cafe so unique is the atmosphere of relaxation and a party feel. Rick's Cafe also features cliff jumping right from your table. 

Another great attraction that Jamaica has to offer is Dunn's River Falls. It is a famous waterfall near Ocho Rios. It is a great place to bring the kids, grandparents, and anyone looking to have a great time! This location can get busy, so make sure that you are prepared for a long day in the water! Dunn's River Falls is great for picturesque scenery with the waterfall in the background. 


As for accommodations, there are so many options to choose from. There are the normal All-Inclusive resorts, with all accommodations, food, flight, and transfers all wrapped up in one package price. There also are some options for apartment, villa and guesthouse stays. All-inclusive resorts are the most popular, however, it is always good to know its an option. One of the most luxurious and popular accommodation stays is the overwater bungalows located in Negril.

There is a wide range of hotels that offer the bungalows, however, the most popular is the Sandals South Coast located in Whitehouse, just an hour from Negril. The overwater bungalows are formed into a community, shaped into a heart. Each bungalow has glass floor panels to view the crystal clear blue waters, an extended sun deck, an overwater hammock, a luxurious tub inside and an outdoor shower, as well as butler service and 24-hour room service. This is a luxurious experience, equipped with all that you can imagine! 

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