The Benefits of Destination Weddings

The Benefits of Destination Weddings

Can't decide on whether or not you should plan a destination wedding? Here are some reasons why you definitely should.

Published July 16, 2017

Let's face it, traditional stay-at-home weddings tend to be the same old story: a one-night affair with hundreds of relatives and friends you still don't know the names of. The truth is, destination weddings address all of these negatives and are packed with benefits you may not be aware of. Don't worry, our editors have put together a top-6 list of why you should take your wedding abroad.

1. The World is your Oyster

Don't limit yourself to the local church and venue hall. With destination weddings you can truly say "I Do" just about anywhere. Ideas range from The Carribean Islands, Mexico and Hawaii, to Fiji, Thailand and Bora Bora.

2. You'll Stand Out

One word: Unique. More than 2 Million American couples wed every year in the same old traditional fashion. Be a part of the small percentage of "Destination I Do-ers" and truly stand out from the pack.

3. Planning is easy

With the help of NOW Destination Weddings, the planning of your destination wedding has never been easier. With the help of hotel co-ordinators, NOW offers free planning packages to ensure you have everything covered. Many of the resorts we work with work tightly with our wedding planners to ensure everyone is on the same page. (You can even request an on-site NOW specialist to accompany you to the location.

4. Enjoy time with your loved ones

The average traditional wedding lasts around five hours, and the bride & groom spend the whole evening running around saying their "Thank You's" and "Hello's". Most weddings away last a week and gives ample time to spend with your loved one and truly enjoy each second of it.

5. You Save Money

Truth be told, on average, destination weddings cost much less than traditional weddings. With guests receiving great group rates, and hotels offering free services, you can truly save a pretty penny on the overall costs of the wedding. 

6. It's always wedding season

In many parts of North America, wedding season is limited to a short 4-month period between May and September. Don't worry, though. With destination weddings, you can beat the weather and potentially wed on New Years Eve or even Valentine's Day.


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