6 Tips on Planning the Perfect Cruise Wedding

6 Tips on Planning the Perfect Cruise Wedding

Published January 9, 2019



1.      Plan if you want a big or a small gathering 

Wedding packages vary depending on the number of people who are attending the wedding. The cheaper wedding packages usually consist of 10 people, so it would be a smaller event but you’d be paying a more affordable price. If you have a bigger budget and would like to invite all your friends and family (50 people) go big! The more people you want to invite, the more will be included in your package. So when planning a wedding, think about if you would like a small wedding or a larger wedding. It’s good to have an idea of how many people you would like to be there on your big day!

2.      Where would you like to have your wedding?

You can plan your wedding to be in either a port or a destination venue. An Onboard Destination Wedding is offered aboard the ship while it's docked in a particular port. A Destination Venue Wedding happens off the ship, either on a beach or a similarly beautiful location. Also, think about whether you would like to have your trip inside the cruise or outdoor on a beach.

3.      Book early!

It is crucial to book in advance! Cruise weddings are very popular and there is a chance that it could be sold out already. The earlier you book, the better. It is ideal that you try to book as soon as possible this way you can make all the arrangements you need to make in advanced. Never think that it’s too early to plan, it’s actually better to plan a year in advance because it gives our travel agents more time to prepare. When planning your wedding also consider the weather and the season.

4.      Pick a reasonable cruise length

A four- to seven-day cruise is ideal because it gives time for the ceremony and doesn’t require too much of their vacation time. You also want to allow your guests to book some time off work but no more than one week. Also be sure to let your guests know about the wedding well in advance so that way it gives them time to book it off.

5.      Pick a ship that suits you!

Every cruise ship is different! Make sure to do some research prior to booking your wedding and that it matches your style. Make sure that it’s a ship that is affordable to all your guests as well.

6.      Relax!

It’s your big day! Working with the travel agents is supposed to make your life easier. You deserve to give yourself a break at the end of the day and not to stress. Take advantage of your wedding vacation and enjoy being with your close loved ones.


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