Published April 13, 2018


Want to make your proposal extra special for your special someone? Here are some not everyday ways to impress your loved one, making your proposal one to remember. 

1. A Scavenger Hunt through their favorite city

A scavenger hunt is a fun and interactive way to keep your special someone intrigued in the proposal. The scavenger hunt would start with one clue, then your future companion must go to that special spot to find the next clue and so on. At the end of the hunt, you will be waiting for him or her with the ring and the courage to ask that special 4-word question. Make the scavenger hunt your own. Maybe bringing them back to both of your favorite restaurant or their favorite store to buy the perfect outfit for the occasion. You can also make it more personal by sending them to the place you first met, or where you first kissed. Your special someone will have the time of their lives having fun figuring out the clues. 


2. Zoo/ Safari Proposal

Got an animal lover on your hands? A zoo or safari adventure is right up your alley. Imagine proposing amongst some exotic animals in a beautiful natural scenery. If you are looking for a safari experience, Maasai Mara in Kenya is one of the leading safari adventures in Africa. If you aren't going to head to Africa, zoos are very accommodating to proposals. You can arrange with the staff at the zoo to make your proposal just as you imagined. 


3. Flash Mob Proposal

Thinking about a more theatrical proposal? Arrange a flash mob! This is a great way to surprise your special someone in a big way. You can choose random strangers, most dance studios will have no problem helping you out. You can also arrange to have your loved ones and your special someone's loved ones to participate as well. Having friends and family participation is a much more personal flash mob experience, or having trained professionals has more of a theatrical feel. In any case, you are going to surprise your fiancee in a big way. 


4. Trevi Fountain Romance

The Trevi Fountain in Rome is one of the most romantic spots all over the world. The Trevi fountain is a great way to surprise your fiancee with a pure romantic proposal. If you do decide to go to the fountain, a good tip: if you want people around, go mid-day, if you want more of an intimate experience, arrive early or go later at night to have fewer people. In addition, hiring a photographer is always a good idea, and they will blend in perfectly with the other people around. 


5. Skydiving

What a better way to propose, then falling from 12,000 feet in the air. Skydiving proposals are becoming more and more popular. This is a great choice for an adventure seeking couple who want to fall outside of the norms. You can choose to propose while falling or have a banner on the ground for them to read while descending, either way, it will be an amazing moment. 

6. Aquarium Proposal

This is a great option for those water babies or lovers of marine life. You can arrange for divers to descend into the large tanks at the aquarium and hold up signs with "Will you marry me?" on them, while you surprise them with you on one knee and the ring popped open. 

7. Glow in the Dark Stickers on the Ceiling

Surprise your special someone before they rest for the night. Arrange the glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling into the words "Will you marry me?", and as you turn off the lights for the night, they will be surprised by the starry night on their ceiling and the question. This is a more intimate proposal idea, keeping it personal and romantic. 

8. Surprise them at work

Arrange a special surprise for them at their work. This is a great option for teachers, as their kids are the most important things in their lives. Coordinating with other colleagues to get the kids involved will for sure give her a special surprise they will never forget. 


9. Meteor Shower Proposal

Find out when the next meteor shower or lunar eclipse is, and plan a special stargazing night with your loved one. Fall in love under the stars and the moon, and pop the all-important question.

10.  Make a movie

Making small films is a perfect idea to surprise your movie lover. It can be as easy as filming it on your phone, or a more experienced film, they will be impressed either way. Movie theatres can be accommodating to the proposal to view it on the big screen. Make sure to send them on their own, and show up later with gifts and ready to pop the question. 



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